A Brief History of Traquair and the Family

A Brief History of Traquair and the Family

 Welcome to Traquair

Catherine Maxwell Stuart, the 21st Lady of Traquair

Welcome to Traquair and our very special family home.

Having been born and brought up here I have been enormously lucky to have lived in such a wonderful house and my childhood memories are of climbing trees in the grounds, washing up at the age of 5 in the tearoom and running up the secret stairs with my friends to take unsuspecting visitors by surprise. Our own children are also now enjoying this experience.


Mark Muller QCOver 900 years Traquair has witnessed extraordinary events in Scotland’s history and 27 monarchs have passed through its doors. Over the past fifty years Traquair has also welcomed many  thousands of visitors from all over the world to share its unique heritage and to enjoy the peaceful tranquillity of its grounds and woodlands.

We continue to expand our activities, events and exhibitions to allow everyone whatever their age to enjoy their experience here and make this house relevant to the 21st century.


Isabella and CharlotteMost recently with my husband Mark, Traquair now hosts the Beyond Borders International Festival and has become a meeting place and retreat centre for world cultures to try and resolve conflicts, spend time with their fellow thinkers and allow a cross fertilisation of ideas to take place. Just as once it was a place of refuge during conflicts today we hope it will be a place where conflicts can be brought out in the open and work towards their resolution.



LouisWhatever you reason for visiting us whether for a day out, to get married or stay overnight we hope you will take away some enduring memories of  your own,


Catherine Maxwell Stuart, 21st Lady of Traquair