A Family Life Revealed

Published 28th June 2012

Catherine Maxwell Stuart & Margaret Fox

To be launched at Traquair House on Wednesday 4th July 6pm
with Nick Barratt from BBC’S “Who Do You Think You Are?”

Traquair reveals direct link with one of America’s founding fathers

Letters and documents published in a new book from Traquair reveal a fascinating story of how the daughter of the 6th Earl of Traquair eloped with Cyrus Griffin, an American law student who came to study in Edinburgh and later became the last President of the Continental Congress, a month before George Washington was sworn in as President of the United States.

His wife, Christina, was said to have been America’s first, First Lady introducing the tradition of offering hospitality to visiting dignitaries.

This is one of the many intriguing tales  that will be told in A FAMILY LIFE REVEALED that Catherine Maxwell Stuart together with archivist Margaret Fox have been working on in the Traquair Archives for the past eighteen months.

The richly illustrated book brings together the story of the Stuart Family at Traquair from http://healthsavy.com/product/cialis/ 1491 to 1875 told principally through documents, letters and accounts from the family archives.

Catherine Maxwell Stuart commented:

“The Stuarts of Traquair witnessed great political and social change during this period, sometimes playing a central role but for the most part as Catholics and Jacobites, they looked on from the sidelines. This is history told at a very personal level which has become more fascinating the more we have delved into the archives.”

The book also contains many letters that were written during the Jacobite rebellions including a coded letter which is yet to be broken, the grand tour of Europe undertaken by the young heirs in the 1700’s and later travels in Europe in search of wealth. There is also much local interest with the later Earls’ promotion of new agricultural methods, the railway and St Ronan’s Wells in Innerleithen.

A FAMILY LIFE REVEALED will be available in hardback and paperback direct from Traquair House. 

For further information please contact Catherine Maxwell Stuart, Traquair House on 01896 830323.

Traquair House General 28th June 2012