The Enduring Middle East Book

The Enduring Middle East Book

The book celebrates the enduring beauty of the East by retracing the journey made by Scottish painter David Roberts in 1839.

107 pages, both colour and black/white prints


It includes an essay by Mark Muller Stuart QC, the Executive Director of Beyond Borders, about his and Joseph Maxwell Stuart’s journey through Egypt, Jordan, the Holy Land and Syria one hundred and seventy years later. It also contains the accounts of earlier writers and travellers who passed along the same way. Rich archival sources are combined upon the pages, from the poetic journals of writers a such as Robert Byron and Gustave Flaubert, the memoirs of TE Lawrence and the diary of David Roberts, amongst others.


The Enduring Middle East

In the Footsteps of David Roberts

Mark Muller Stuart QC

Plates by Joseph Maxwell Stuart

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