Traquair Needlework Kits

Autumn Fertility Goddess Needlework Kit

Needlework Kits from the Chapel Needlework Collection, Traquair House.

These designs originally commissioned for the kneelers in the Traquair Chapel are all inspired by images from original needlework and other interiors.

The kits by Animal Fayre include wool, canvas, full and illustrated colour instructions, easy to follow colour and symbol chart, protective folder and 2 needles.

Price: £95.00


Cross-stitch size 11'' x 14''
Can be used as a Wall Hanging / Cushion / Picture

Autumn Fertility Goddess
Running Stag
Running Stag
Maltese Cross
Maltese Cross
Spotted Hound
Spotted Hound
Birds and Sweetpea


  • The Autumn Fertility Goddess is one of four seasonal designs inspired by the sixteenth century painted beams in the High Drawing Room.
  • The Running Stag is inspired by an original piece of Jacobean crewel work hanging in the Kings Room.
  • Camel - The Bactrian camel features in the mural of a hunting scene which is in the Museum at Traquair House and is dated to c.1530
  • Spotted Hound - The hound also features in the same mural as above.
  • Maltese Cross - based on a design from one of the priest’s vestments in Traquair House.
  • Birds and Sweet Peas - based on a needlepoint piece in the Traquair collection.