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March 1996 - BBC2 FOOD and DRINK

Extract from World Beer Guide - Andrea Gillies

TRAQUAIR HOUSE ALE **** Traquair, Borders. 33cl Bottled 7.2% A dark, strong Scots classic which, despite coming from a tiny 18th-century brewhouse, has been hugely influential in export markets, particularly in the USA, where all beer buffs seem to know it. Serious alcohol and fruity malt on the nose, and delicious plum pie and vanilla flavours, with a little oak and amontillado sherry character. Soft and drinkable with a sherry-ish dryness that stops it cloying, and a sweet note reminiscent of the sticky skins of supermarket dates in a box. Excellent with hard farm cheeses, particularly those with an acidic or goaty accent. also unrivalled as a Christmas Eve sipping beer, with candles and log fires and a glittery tree. Serve: room temp. Avail. specialists.

Extract from Michael Jackson's Pocket Beer Book

A manor house (or castle?) in which Bonnie Prince Charlie once took refuge, near Peebles, in the Borders. Like any other large residence, it had its own brewery, enterprisingly put back into operation by the Laird (lord of the manor) in 1965. At his death in 1990, his daughter Catherine, then in her mid- twenties, took over, supervising the running of the place, and has since expanded the brewhouse.
Uncoated wooden fermenters are used, and Traquair House Ale**** has a touch of oaky earthiness to balance its dark-malt nuttiness- (18.5-21; 1074-82; a little over 5.6; 7.0). Special editions have-been produced at various gravities, and there is a Bear Ale ** to *** of a more conventional strength (12.5; 1050; 4.0; 5.0). The house can be visited, and they hold an annual beer festival at the end of May (01 896-830323).
(Guide to star ratings:
* Typical of its country and style
** Above average
*** Worth seeking out
**** World Classic)