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Traquair House Archives

Our archives are a treasure trove of material relating to the Stuarts who lived at Traquair over the centuries. The documents give a fascinating insight into their lives, recording events which shaped them within local, national and even international contexts.

If you visit Traquair you will see lots of archives on display. The permanent display in the High Gallery tells the story of the family from 1700 to 1800. The displays in the Museum Room illustrate particular aspects of family life and are changed from time to time.  You can also see a display relating to our recently published book – A Family Life Revealed: The Stuarts at Traquair, 1491 – 1875.

We are now sharing our archives with our website visitors, and currently have two online features:

  • Excerpts from the diary of Mary Ravenscroft, 7th Countess of Traquair, from 1782 to 1783, detailing the minutiae of daily life here at Traquair. (Interested in reading more diaries? The Scottish Borders Archives have the fascinating diary of Charlotte, another lady from the Borders)
  • Our 18th century American connection. In 1770 Lady Christina Stuart, eldest daughter of 6th Earl of Traquair, married a young Virginian, Cyrus Griffin, who was studying law at Edinburgh University. In 1773 the couple left for America where Cyrus was to become one of the Founding Fathers.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our selection.

Please note that the Traquair Archives are privately-owned and not generally open to the public. Wherever possible we allow access to bona fide historical researchers who have a specific research topic. A limited amount of research may also be undertaken on behalf of enquirers. Enquiries should be made to and these will be considered by our archivist. A charge is made for all archival services.