Our 18th Century American Connection

In 1770 Lady Christina Stuart, eldest daughter of 6th Earl of Traquair, married a young Virginian

Lady Christina & Cyrus Griffin

In the late 1760’s, Lord Linton, son of the 6th Earl of Traquair was studying at Edinburgh University where he made friends with a young law student, Cyrus Griffin. Cyrus was invited to Traquair where he met and fell in love with Charles’ eldest sister, Lady Christina, and despite some initial opposition from her family they eloped and married in 1770. She returned with her husband to America in 1773 where Cyrus’ legal and political career flourished.

He was heavily involved in the negotiations surrounding American independence, becoming the last president of the Continental Congress from January to March 1788. The following month George Washington was sworn in as President of the United States of America. Cyrus then became the judge of the US District Court of Virginia, an appointment he held until his death. Christina never returned to Traquair. Both Christina and Cyrus are buried in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Document Gallery

The images in this gallery are from a small display of documents that were exhibited at Traquair House in 2010 that relate to our American connection which dates from the eighteenth century.