Welcome to Traquair

Our very special family home

A Wonderful House

Having been born and brought up here I have been enormously privileged to have lived in such a wonderful house and to have so many memories of my childhood from climbing the ancient yew trees in the woods to running up the secret stairs and taking unsuspecting visitors by surprise and even washing up in the tearoom at the age of five. Our children, now, are enjoying that same experience.

Over 900 years Traquair has witnessed extraordinary events in Scotland’s history and 27 monarchs have passed through its doors. In 1958, my grandfather opened a few rooms to the public for the first time (much to the fury of my grandmother) and Traquair has since welcomed over 1 million visitors.

Devotion & Growth

My parents devoted their lives to making Traquair the attraction it is today. My father discovered the 300 year old brewery and began brewing again in 1965. My mother set up a number of craft workshops in the grounds amongst many other initiatives.

Since I have come back to live here in 1990 when my father died we have continued to grow and diversify our activities here. We offer a year round programme of events for all ages, a romantic wedding venue, accommodation in the house and hosting for corporate meeting and dinners.

Place of Refuge

More recently, with my husband Mark, Traquair now hosts the Beyond Borders International Festival and has been a meeting place and retreat centre for world cultures to try and resolve conflicts, spend time with their fellow thinkers and allow a cross fertilisation of ideas to take place. Just as once it was a place of refuge we hope Traquair will be a place where conflicts can be discussed in open and a genuine working towards resolutions.

Whatever your reason for visiting Traquair whether in person or online we hope you will take away a little of its atmosphere of tranquility and peace that has sustained the house and its family through many centuries as well as your own special memories.


Catherine Maxwell Stuart, 21st Lady of Traquair