Beyond Borders at Traquair


Over the past 10 years Traquair has been developing as an international place of retreat, providing a meeting venue and relaxing environment for many groups who have come from conflict zones all over the world and are engaged in finding solutions and methods of reconciliation.

We work closely with Beyond Borders, a non-profit making organisation, founded and directed by Mark Muller Stuart QC.  The organisation aims to create a vibrant international platform within Scotland, to break down borders between peoples, and help facilitate wider international cultural exchange, dialogue and reconciliation.

Traquair has hosted groups from all over the world including Georgia, Ukraine, Bahrain, Iraq, Syria, Oman, Turkey and many more. The peace and tranquillity of Traquair has provided a perfect venue for facilitating dialogue and exchange that we are proud to support.

Beyond Borders International Festival

The Beyond Borders International Festival which runs annually in August is another branch of the work of Beyond Borders that brings together writers, thinkers and international diplomats for an invigorating two days of talks, seminars, events, exhibitions and debates that is open to all.  During this weekend Traquair hosts dinners and receptions for participants that promote the cross fertilisation of ideas, cultural exchange and some wonderful enjoyable evenings.