Traquair Maze

The Traquair Maze was planted in 1981 and is the largest hedged maze in Scotland

The Maze

The Maze is situated at the rear of the house where originally a par terre garden was laid out in the eighteenth century. The terrace walls provide an excellent vantage point for parents to try and direct their children out of the maze.

Designed by a Traquair craft worker, John Schofield, the maze has an intriguing layout with no dead ends and the visitor must reach four sub centres before coming to the centre.

The Hedge

Planted originally with 1500 Leylandi Cyprus trees the maze suffered from an extraordinarily harsh winter in 1983 when over two thirds of the trees died. It was decided to replant with the hardier beech trees which has added colour and interest to the maze.

The annual Easter Egg hunt on Easter Sunday is a magnet for children far and wide when over 6,000 mini eggs are planted in the maze for the under 10’s.

25th Anniversary

In 2006 the Maze celebrated its 25th anniversary. The first trees were planted by all the children at the Traquair Primary School and all were invited back to see how the maze had grown.

Through the years the maze has been a popular location used by film, TV and for advertising campaigns including a Bollywood production.

Other unusual uses for the Maze have been as a romantic location for weddings and one enterprising gentleman popped the question to his girlfriend in the centre of the Maze and fireworks were programmed to go off and champagne delivered on a silver tray when she said yes – luckily all went to plan!