The History of Traquair in 50 Objects; No. 4

Published 6th April 2018

The Traquair Mural

Traquair Mural

In the room now known as The Museum Room on the second floor there is a remarkable mural painting which came to light in the 1880’s and may originally have been one of a series that continues around the other walls of the room.

The decoration is executed in tempera on plaster and used the colours black, yellow and red. It depicts a hunting scene which includes a number of birds including an eagle; a hunting dog with a collar, a squirrel hiding amongst the vines and a galloping Bactrian camel.

Around the mural is a border which is inscribed in gothic lettering drawn from the Geneva version of the Bible from Acts 1, 14 – 17. Similar texts can be found on the painted beams in the High Drawing Room.

The mural has been dated to the 1530’s and is the evidence that has been used to date the building itself.

Traquair House The History of Traquair in 50 Objects 6th April 2018